Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Money, God’s Way

I received this book as a member of Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze Book Review program Thank you

I love the stories of people deep in debt who turn their life around & then help others. Amie not only turned her financial life around but also her career - journalist to minister.

I am a Dave Ramsey fan & can see some of his influence inside. Amie gets to the root of the problems with some Christian financial thinking & sets them straight.

Thankfully, I have never experienced the crushing debt that some people have. I am always interested in improving my financial health so when this book was available for review I wanted to check it out. Amie describes the 7 “counterfeit convictions” that seem to plague many Christians. Not having them myself, it was hard to get through the book as fast as I normally do with financial books. But I can see how very helpful this book would be if you have the beliefs described.

I really like the end of each chapter, where there is a prayer, summary & action steps to guide people through. The biggest thing I did get out of it was a better understanding for others who do act this way & how to help them if I can

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